6 Mar

So,I found this interesting blog online.  http://fb.me/Uesu2YaM It talks about why the Westboro baptist church is a scam… I dont know if this is true. But I do know I extremely dislike them and their veiws on gay marriage. So what do you think? after reading the link?



6 Mar

does anybody else have a twitter? mine is Ekaratekid! please add me

brain cramps I hate them

6 Mar

Yes I had a brain cramp this morning and could not remember my wordpress username oops


28 Feb

So this GUY on the internet told me to go hang myself. FUCK CYBERBULLIES. I am suicidal and It hurts me when people tell me to kill myself. What if I actually did it? This cyberbully is upsetting me 😦


raindrops on a leaf

25 Feb

raindrops on a leaf

This was a Picture of raindrops on a leaf in my backyard I took! I think it looks cool and pretty!

gay rights

22 Feb

I dislike how people call me gay or f@g because I am into gay rights. I am a straight individual who happens to support gays( I have a Gay and Bisexual friend). But people call me mean names on twitter and other sites because I support gay rights. Seriously if you dont like it deal with it! I may not agree with your opinion but atleast I dont bash you for it!

social media

22 Feb

so if anybody else has a twitter my twitter name is ekaratekid. I like to tweet quotes,issues such as animal rights,anti racist,pro gay and pictures I drew or took. If you want to follow me go ahead!