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23 Aug

So NOM,The National Orginization For Marriage is a group that supports Traditional marriage and believes in taking away the rights of gays to get married! They also seem to be religious. However they have a darker side of them.Not only do they make up lies about gays I noticed on Twitter they follow a group called “It Gets Worse Project” I go to the group and their bio says something like We want to teach people about the dangers of homosexuality and we support traditonal marriage. But when I go to the groups webpage I notice the racist word Nig** and anti-semitic statements. They also have a section about homsexuality as well. now I find this disturbing expecially since NOM says they are not a hate group.Well then why do they seek to take away the rights of others and follow people who use racist terminology? The picture is a screenshot showing that NOM follows these racist people and I also included a picture of the racist word from their website so people can see! We must take a stand and end this bigotry and hatred of homosexuals.

21 Jul

going soon but if anyone has a twitter my name is now Haus0fPain Its actually includes a number after nine instead of the 0 but my keyboard wont let me type that wtf?

21 Jul

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21 Jul

I find it funny that my name on here is never give up girl when I want more than anything to give up! in fact thats all I think about mostly

NOM a new hate group!

12 Mar

So these people from the Anti-gay marriage group,NOM think that being gay is a problem that needs to be adressed. But they have failed to look at the real problems in this world. There is poverty,genocide,natural disasters,homelessness and sickness…. Instead of spending all your time trying to bash gay marriage and gay people why dont you go out and volunteer?You could go to a soup kitchen and help out! you can build homes for victims of a natural disaster! you can pick up litter! I dont think having gay people is the problem.It is the people who can’t think out of the box thats the problem!

Joseph Kony

10 Mar

I’m sure you have all seen the Joseph Kony documentary or have atleast heard of it. People are posting about it on facebook,twitter and other social media sites. But to what end? For those of you who dont know Joseph Kony is a warlord in africa who is in charge of LRA that arms child soldiers! Not only that he is in the child sex trafficking buisness. That being said I realize I dont like him! but does posting about him online on facebook and other sites really help? In other words I am trying to say that its good that people are getting the word out but how many people who post about Joseph Kony are actually going to do something about it? Its not like posting about him is going to kill him. Also people are complaining about the things he does and how horrible they are! well if they are so bad how come those people who are complaining havn’t done anything about it?  How about you stop complaining about Joseph Kony and actually find out how you can help? If we all step up and take a stand we can make a difference in this world!



6 Mar


I made this on the computer using different art styles It looks kind of abstract dont you think?