23 Aug

So NOM,The National Orginization For Marriage is a group that supports Traditional marriage and believes in taking away the rights of gays to get married! They also seem to be religious. However they have a darker side of them.Not only do they make up lies about gays I noticed on Twitter they follow a group called “It Gets Worse Project” I go to the group and their bio says something like We want to teach people about the dangers of homosexuality and we support traditonal marriage. But when I go to the groups webpage I notice the racist word Nig** and anti-semitic statements. They also have a section about homsexuality as well. now I find this disturbing expecially since NOM says they are not a hate group.Well then why do they seek to take away the rights of others and follow people who use racist terminology? The picture is a screenshot showing that NOM follows these racist people and I also included a picture of the racist word from their website so people can see! We must take a stand and end this bigotry and hatred of homosexuals.


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