Joseph Kony

10 Mar

I’m sure you have all seen the Joseph Kony documentary or have atleast heard of it. People are posting about it on facebook,twitter and other social media sites. But to what end? For those of you who dont know Joseph Kony is a warlord in africa who is in charge of LRA that arms child soldiers! Not only that he is in the child sex trafficking buisness. That being said I realize I dont like him! but does posting about him online on facebook and other sites really help? In other words I am trying to say that its good that people are getting the word out but how many people who post about Joseph Kony are actually going to do something about it? Its not like posting about him is going to kill him. Also people are complaining about the things he does and how horrible they are! well if they are so bad how come those people who are complaining havn’t done anything about it?  How about you stop complaining about Joseph Kony and actually find out how you can help? If we all step up and take a stand we can make a difference in this world!


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