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28 Feb

So this GUY on the internet told me to go hang myself. FUCK CYBERBULLIES. I am suicidal and It hurts me when people tell me to kill myself. What if I actually did it? This cyberbully is upsetting me ūüė¶


raindrops on a leaf

25 Feb

raindrops on a leaf

This was a Picture of raindrops on a leaf in my backyard I took! I think it looks cool and pretty!

gay rights

22 Feb

I dislike how people call me gay or f@g because I am into gay rights. I am a straight individual who happens to support gays( I have a Gay and Bisexual friend). But people call me mean names on twitter and other sites because I support gay rights. Seriously if you dont like it deal with it! I may not agree with your opinion but atleast I dont bash you for it!

social media

22 Feb

so if anybody else has a twitter my twitter name is ekaratekid. I like to tweet quotes,issues such as animal rights,anti racist,pro gay and pictures I drew or took. If you want to follow me go ahead!

Its not a perfect world

22 Feb

Lol so I wrote about and put up a drawing I did a long time ago because I liked it and thought it was cool. Then I pressed publish post once but It accidently blogged the post twice. So I had to go and delete one of the posts LOL!


¬†this Is a dra…

22 Feb

Image this Is a drawing I did a long time ago! its shin from the manga nana! so what do you think?

how do you find people you know?

22 Feb

Is their anyway of finding friends you know have a wordpress without using facebook or twitter? see my parents dont know I have a blog and they check my facebook and I sometimes blog about things I dont want them to know about so I cant use facebook to find them! help?